CCA Youth Programs

Clarksburg Community Action plans to host these events on a weekly basis for young members of our community! More information is coming soon!

  • Pizza Party Game Night
  • Solo Cup Race
  • Solo Cup Collection Race
  • Flip Bottle
  • Magic Carpet Ride Race
  • Baby Rattle (Two empty 2 liters with bubble gum)
  • Whack Attack (Ten bottles full of water with Sharpie Markers)
  • Breakfast Scramble (Cut up Cereal Boxes. Put them back together like a puzzle)
  • Nurf Gun Tournament
  • Paper Dragon Game (Rolls of Party Streamers)
  • Separation Anxiety (Five Glasses and Skittles)
  • Mega Bubble Relay Race
  • CCA Youth Pizza Party and Karaoke Night
  • Indoor Nerf Dodgeball Night
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Youth Olympics Day in the Park
  • CCA Youth Dance Competition
  • Board Game Night